DJ Nick

DJ Nick


Changes Everything

Music has always been in my soul.

I have been referred to as “the music guy” my whole life. Whether during my childhood learning to drum from my dad or exploring music production and making beats for house parties, music has always been a main part of me.

Let’s just say music runs through my veins.

The things I enjoy the most are entertaining and providing the perfect mix to your favorite music. My goal is to provide you and your guests the greatest dance party you have ever experienced.


I have over 10 years of DJ experience in Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events. My DJ career started when I first picked up a set of turntables in high school and began mixing at friends’ house parties. After that, I started my wedding career and have completed numerous weddings since. 

My background in drumming and percussion gives me a great sense of tempo and also gives me an edge when it comes to mixing.